measuring for furniture delivery

1. Confirm All Product Dimensions
Our website provides dimensions for the pieces posted on the site. We will also provide you with full product information through our retail store or contact us and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information that you need.

2. Measure Your Space
Check the measurements of the final destination of where you will place your new furniture pieces. Consider creating a floor plan to scale (graph paper is helpful for this) or using painter’s tape to mark it out on your floor. Also measure all doorways, passages, elevators and stairways. Measure entry clearances: the distance between the doorway and the opposite wall, in the event that the furniture needs to turn a corner. Please make sure that the moving professional can navigate through entryways and around obstacles.

3. Tips for Measuring
Furniture measurements are always provided using the widest, deepest and highest points. When Measuring doorways, measure from the narrowest points, consider the door jambs and the door swing if it doesn’t open a full 180 degrees. When measuring stairways, consider the handrails and posts and make sure the item can fit around landings. Hallways: check for any architectural details that might impede access and also any low hanging fixtures.

4. Special Requirements
At the time of scheduling your delivery, please notify us of any special requirements that the movers should be aware of such as, narrow roads, driveways, restricted delivery times, gated access, multiple flights of stairs, elevator or loading dock reservations or proof of insurance required by some buildings.

5. Additional Information
Our Standard White Glove Delivery includes a maximum of one flight of stairs. The moving professionals will bring the item into the room of your choice. They will unpack it and remove the packing materials and do minor assembly of items, such as connecting sectional pieces or attaching bedrails to foot and headboards. Note that some light fixtures and decorative items should remain in the boxes until an electrician can install it. Our moving professionals will not move existing furniture, set up electrical equipment or install light fixtures.

We ask that you closely inspect your items before the delivery professionals leave your home.

For additional information please refer to our Shipping & Delivery Information.