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Axom features contemporary visual art from emerging and established artists from the Upstate, Western New York and Finger Lakes Regions. We  provide an eclectic continuum of rotating exhibitions which offer our customers and collectors an in-depth understanding of each artists work.

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The Gallery at Axom Home Presents

Dream State:
Foraged Pigment Paintings

by Artists

Hayley Dayis and Alexander Fals

Artist Reception
Friday June 28 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition on View from:
June 11 – September 30, 2024

Gooseberry Wine | Alex Fals

Artist Statement


Dream State:
Foraged Pigment Paintings

About the Artists

Alexander Fals and Hayley Dayis are a couple that work with foraged mineral pigments sourced from volcanic soils in the region of Cauca, Colombia. Both of them were born and raised in the upstate New York Finger Lakes Region, and discovered the art of natural pigment painting at different points along their journeys.

Hayley Dayis Artist Statement:
In a world of fast-paced responsibilities and expectations, art is my refuge of safety, rejuvenation and self-expression. Painting slows the world down to the speed of my imagination. Each winter I live in Cauca, Colombia foraging volcanic soils by hand and processing them into paint. I unearth each color from cliff sides, highways, construction sites and riverbeds, and use them to tell stories of land and humanity on canvas. Each piece is an earthen container for the parts of us that need love, safety and rest.

Alexander Fals Artist Statement:
As a young man I was deeply moved by the unique painting practices of my family in Cauca, Colombia. Even though my Uncle Billy died before I could meet him, when I looked at his natural pigment paintings I saw an undeniable element of myself within them. I began living in Popayán, Colombia as an exchange student in 2007. Since then I have spent a decade traveling between upstate NY and Popayan, seeking to express the love and mystery of life through art. The colors I paint with are, like my uncle’s, made from pigment that I take directly from the Earth in Colombia. They are dried, ground, sifted to a fine matrix and diluted in clean
water and a biodegradable adhesive. With these colors I paint the innermost visions of my heart.

Frailejón | Hayley Dayis

Artists Submissions

Axom Gallery and Exhibition Space reviews artists proposals on an ongoing basis. We accept submissions for two and three dimensional works, new media and installation. All submissions are reviewed for possible solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. If you do not receive your proposal materials back within three months of your submission it is because we would like to keep the submission on file for future reference. Materials will only be returned at this point if specified in submission with self-addressed stamped envelope. Please note that we are not responsible for any materials that are sent to us.
AXOM also accepts submissions by email. Email our gallery Director Rick at

If you are working on a body of work that is not complete or not begun, but you would like to submit for a show in the future, please send images of previous work that show your quality and aesthetic and include a written proposal and sketches (if available) that represent the proposed body of work for submission.

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Our region has a wealth of talented artists who create original high quality work. Axom home is unique because we actively explore the connection between Art and Design and the vibe that is created when they visually intersect.

With each exhibition, we enjoy mixing the artwork and with our modern furniture and carefully crafted solid wood case goods to create inspiring room vignettes.

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