Nora Necklace | Vol.2 | Peach


One-of-a-kind + ready to ship, this mixed-material pendant is sure to make a statement. Metallic lines shimmer between hand-pieced acrylic, then sanded smooth to a matte finish resembling stone. Finished with a walnut or cherry wood top.

Pendant measures 2″ on an adjustable 18-20″ rolo chain in gold-fill {g} or oxidized sterling silver {s}. Bottom of pendant hangs at 20-21″. Made of 65% upcycled acrylic + USA-sourced hardwoods. Wood grain will vary slightly from picture.

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Each piece is made in our sunny California studio + meticulously hand fabricated by us. The center of each piece features a gold-fill metal circular hoop that’s been hammered flat, surrounded by hand painted metallic rings. The acrylic is then hand shaped with a variety of jewelers tools, hand sanded + buffed to a matte/brushed finish.

Bird of Virtue


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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in